Luc-Henri Fage

2000 Associate Laureate, Exploration
France, Born 1957

Project Goal

Save ancient cave paintings in the caves of eastern Kalimantan, Borneo

Location: Indonesia

"Before we went there, Kalimantan, a region as big as France, hadn’t been visited by a single archaeologist.”

Trekking across Borneo in South-east Asia in 1988, speleologist Luc-Henri Fage discovered some astonishing charcoal drawings in caves in the centre of the island, the third-biggest in the world. He has been returning to Borneo regularly ever since with other cavers and experts, exploring caves never before visited by foreigners and discovering cave paintings thousands of years old.

These discoveries have inspired the Frenchman to campaign to save the natural and artistic treasures of Kalimantan, the Indonesian sector of Borneo. In June 2001, with help from the Rolex Award he had won the previous year, Fage made his tenth visit, and is more enthusiastic than ever about what he describes as one of the most important collections of cave paintings in the world.

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