Hans Hendrikse

1996 Associate Laureate, Applied Technology
South Africa, 1942-2013

Project Goal

Produce a low-cost, rolling water container for poor countries


Location: South Africa

"After evaluating a drum that has been in use daily for 20 months, we calculated that it travelled a distance of 12,000 kilometres, made seven million revolutions, and provided 13 people with 120,000 litres of household water.”

We’ve all seen pictures of women and children in developing countries lugging heavy containers of water. Transporting water often takes an inordinate amount of time and energy, and unhygienic containers can pose serious health hazards.

Hans Hendrikse, a South African architect, worked with his brother to design the Q-drum, an energy-saving, hygienically sealed, tough but easy-to-use rolling water-drum that can be pulled without strain by one adult or two children.

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