Frithjof Voss

1996 Associate Laureate, Applied Technology
Germany, 1936-2004

Project Goal

Use satellites to control locust swarms in Africa

Location: China

"The system as it stands now has proven workable and easily applicable anywhere in the world. Locusts do not recognise national borders and neither does my system.”

Frithjof Voss, a German professor and expert on satellite image mapping, who died in 2004, created a system to detect potentially deadly locust swarms before they reach a critical mass and begin to devour crops and vegetation. He demonstrated the viability and effectiveness of this state-of-the-art remote sensing system in field experiments in Africa and Asia.

Besides eliminating locust plagues and alleviating the threat of famine, Voss’s work has the potential to protect ecosystems, promote scientific agriculture and encourage cooperation between countries.

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