Dora Nipp

2004 Associate Laureate, Cultural Heritage
Canada, Born 1958

Project Goal

Use oral testimonies to reconcile Canada with its social history


Location: Canada

Chinese-Canadian lawyer and cultural historian Dora Nipp is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of ethnically diverse Toronto – where more than half of the community is foreign-born.

A descendant of Chinese immigrants who settled in Toronto, Dora Nipp (born in 1958) is dedicated to preserving the cultural heritage of this ethnically diverse city — a community comprised of more than 50 per cent foreign-born residents.

Nipp, a human rights lawyer and cultural historian who has a master’s in ethnic and immigration studies, received a Rolex Award in 2004 for her project to safeguard this cultural diversity and ensure that young people today take pride in their past.

In her volunteer capacity as chief executive officer of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario, she helped create an Oral History Museum and various interactive presentations of life long ago, including vital oral testimonies. Her prize drew museum volunteers and worldwide exposure.

Nipp is now involved in digitizing the museum’s extensive collection of ethnic newspapers, photographs and audio tapes, while also focusing on the contributions and challenges of Chinese women in 20th-century Canada. 

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