Alexander Stannus

1998 Associate Laureate, Exploration
United Kingdom, Born 1964

Project Goal

Develop an interactive circumnavigation of the planet’s inland waterways

Location: United Kingdom

"It’s our hope that the programme will inspire lasting cultural interchange among the schools.”

In the long reach of human exploration few challenges have so captivated the mind of man as circumnavigation of the earth. Since Magellan’s crew first circled the globe in 1522, the feat has been accomplished in many ways — by way of the oceans, by air, by land-and-sea combined — but never via the great rivers and lakes of the world.

Now a 33-year-old Englishman, Alexander Stannus, will set out on a 54,000-kilometre odyssey by inflatable rubber boat along the inland waterways of five continents, to achieve a goal that has eluded countless explorers and navigators of the past.

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