Adli Qudsi

1998 Associate Laureate, Cultural Heritage
Syria, Born 1940

Project Goal

Preserve Aleppo's Old City from decay and modern development

Location: Syria

"Old cities and their way of life are becoming more and more abandoned almost everywhere else in the Islamic and Arab world. But here [Aleppo] the Old City is still alive.”

Syria’s Adli Qudsi has struggled to preserve the Old City of his native Aleppo as more than a historic monument. He wants to recapture the intimate way of life that long characterised one of the world’s oldest cities.

Thanks to the efforts of this gifted architect, selected as an Associate Laureate for the Rolex Awards in 1998, Aleppo’s municipal authorities now strongly support the restoration of the Old City, which will one day again become the best place to live in this city of 1.5 million inhabitants.

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