• New life revealed in the Earth’s hidden places
    Project Update, July 2017
    Young Laureates in 2014, Francesco Sauro and Hosam Zowawi joined forces for an expedition beneath South America’s table-top mountains where they have uncovered what may be the key to critical advances in medical science.
  • New campaign to clean 50 urban lakes in India
    Project Update, July 2017
    After 10 years restoring lakes and ponds in his native Chennai, Indian conservationist Arun Krishnamurthy is taking on his biggest challenge yet.
  • Listening to the sounds of silence
    Project Update, April 2017
    Two Rolex Laureates from very different scientific fields are working together in one of the most silent places on the planet – the caves below the Amazon’s table-top mountains – to record the whispers that speak volumes about our natural order.