• Meeting the challenges of scaling up eyecare programme
    Project Update, October 2017
    Andrew Bastawrous, an ophthalmologist in Britain, won a Rolex Award in 2016 for his project to prevent millions of people in low-income countries from going blind from diseases that are entirely treatable in the developed world.
  • Alerting the world about climate change by kayak
    Project Update, September 2017
    People often say they’d go to the ends of the Earth to realize their dreams, but in the case of Chilean explorer Cristian Donoso this is no metaphor but reality.
  • Erika Cuéllar’s programme has global reach
    Project Update, August 2017
    A Rolex Award has given a Bolivian biologist opportunities to spread her conservation philosophy – one that focuses on inspiring local people to save their own environment – to other countries.